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  Looking to get your order in time for Christmas?  That's swell!  We'd sure love to help put smiles on the faces of the people you're buying these gifts for on Christmas Day! We love the smile they get when they get the gift. We love the smile they get after they get shocked for the first time even more! Hilarious!

OK, down to business. We ship UPS from ZIP code 54956. As long as you place your order before 4:00PM CST, we will do everything possible to get your order out, including bribing the UPS driver to come as late as he can. Lemme tell ya, those bribes aren't cheap!

The bottom line is this - If you place your order on or before Monday December 17th, you should still get it via UPS Ground service. The only exception is if you live in a remote/rural location (aka - God's Country). After December 17th, you're gambling on UPS Ground unless you live in the midwest or certain parts of the east coast. West coast people... I wouldn't chance it.

Here is a handy-dandy map that UPS has put together for transit times:

Take a look at where you live, match it with the color coded key and that will give you a good idea of ground transit times.

UPS 3 Day Air should be placed by Dec. 19th.

UPS 2nd Day Air by... you guessed it, Dec. 20th.

If you've mastered the art of procrastination, you can choose UPS Next Day Air if you order on Dec. 2st. (UPS Next Day Air would be delivered on Monday, December 24th)

After being held hostage by the small package delivery industry for almost 10 years, I do have a tip for you during this time of year - Try having your order delivered to your place of work.  UPS often times has multiple packages that go to businesses and those deliveries are made a little faster than the residential deliveries.  You may find that you get your order a bit faster.

USPS Shipping Options!

We love our buddies down at the Post Office!  I haven't been yelled at yet this year!  According to the USPS website, the last day to send Priority Mail for Christmas arrival is Friday, December 21st.  Check it out right here (click and then scroll down) - https://www.usps.com/holiday/welcome.htm    Now that seems awfully ambitious to me, and if you really want/need/desire your order by Christmas Eve, it might behoove ($.50 word there) you to upgrade the shipping speed.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - If you are ordering something for Christmas and are concerned if it will arrive in time, you should probably either email us or call us to find out if we can make your order arrive in time for Christmas.  This includes our friends in Canada.

Please note that UPS and USPS do get hindered by weather, snow, ice and low-flying monkeys (don't ask).

Clear as mud, right? If you've got questions, feel free to dial us up at 1-877-878-0997 and we'll act as grumpy as we can while answering your questions (not really, we just like saying word "grumpy"). If, after that last sentence, you don't want to chance any grumpiness, fire off an email to us at: sales@shockingfun.com and we'll do our best to answer your question as fast as we can.

Merry Christmas!

One last thing ... if you decide to take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $75, we will ship those out via UPS Ground no matter what day it is.  So if you place an order on December 21st that is over $75 and choose Free Shipping and you live, for example on the west coast, don't expect it to arrive in time for Christmas.

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