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Refraze Game - Junior Edition
Refraze Junior

Refraze Game - Junior Edition

Our Price: $14.99


In this fast-paced game, "Underdog" is the correct answer to the movie ReFraze: Lower Pup. Chips are awarded for each ReFraze you solve. But be careful - blurt out the wrong answer and you might lose chips. It makes a great party game! And it's easy to take on the road for traveling fun!

Each Junior Game contains: 200 ReFraze cards, 36 game chips, 30 second timer & Instructions.

Bonus... 30 reusable blank ReFraze cards. Simply use a dry erase marker to create your very own new and exciting ReFrazes!

For 2 or more individuals or 2 or more teams

Object Of The Game -

Players must correctly identify the title of the song, movie or tv show from the rephrased title. Example: "Silent Night" is the correct answer to the rephrased title "Quiet Evening".

Start Of Play -

The first team (or player) selects a card and reads the rephrased title aloud. The other teams must guess the title from the rephrased title. The first team to correctly identify the title receives 10 points. If the teams are unable to identify the title, they may ask for the hint on the card to be read aloud. Once the hint is read, the correct answer is then only worth 5 points. If no one is able to correctly identity the title in 30 seconds (timer included), then 5 points are awarded to the person or team reading the question. In the event that more than one person or team correctly identifies the title at the same time, then points are awarded for each correct answer. The teams take turns selecting and reading the rephrased title cards.

Option: Deduct 5 points for an incorrect answer.
Option: No 30 second time limit.

Winning The Game

Play continues until one of teams or individuals reaches 100 points.

Option: The game can be played for a predetermined amount of time (ex: one hour), and the team with the most points at the end of that time is the winner. Get ready to ReFraze™!

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