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New Wife Voodoo Doll
New Wife Voodoo Doll

New Wife VooDoo Doll

Our Price: $7.99


Whenever you feel your new wife is taking you for granted, use one of the pins to put her back in line. Stick the pin into the activity that you want your wife to do and instantly she will turn back into the same caring woman who tricked...umm...convinced you to marry her in the first place! This includes 1 Voodoo Doll with 25 desirable wife qualities and 10 pins. So, I think we should try this New Wife Voodoo Doll out. Mrs. Shocking Fun isn't exactly a "new wife" but I'm certainly not going to go out and get a new one, so she'll unwittingly be the voodoo doll tester. Some of the choices on this voodoo doll includes "Stop Nagging", "Stop Spending Money" (one of my favorites), "Quit Bitching", "Take the Damn Trash Out Yourself", "Don't Use 'The Headache' Excuse" and a bunch other voodoo choices. Ok, let's try the "Get Me a Beer" choice, located on the Voodoo Doll's right hand... got the pin and in it goes. Waiting.... waiting.... still waiting... HOLY CRAP! Believe what you want, but I was just brought a nice frosty glass filled with beer. PLUS it was put in one of our Family Guy drinking pints as well! Ok, this voodoo doll RULES!! OUCH!!! Man, now my right hand hurts and I have an incredible urge to get Mrs. Shocking Fun some flowers. I don't buy flowe...OUCH!! Now my left thigh feels like a hot poker is going through it and I want to take her on a vacation!! Here's a life lesson to you all: When you buy the New Wife Voodoo Doll, don't tell your new wife that there is a NEW HUSBAND VOODOO DOLL or retribution will be swift.

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