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Carry Me Home - A Drinking Card Game for Adults
Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home - A Drinking Card Game for Adults

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Carry Me Home is a drinking game for adults that a LOT of fun.

You can play this game with any number of people, we've found the optimal number of people to play this is 4 -6 people.

First, establish a "Cough Up" pot of money, chips, etc, that acts as fines during game play. When we play, everyone puts in some pocket change. The fines are given during game play. Then spread the cards out on a table, keeping the Gold Card separate. Then roll to see who gets the Gold Card and who goes first. The Gold Card comes into play during the game and ends up getting passed from player to player.

The player who goes first draws a card from the pile and he/she does what the card says. There are challenge cards which you will have to do fun/stupid/silly/outrageous things with other players. There are also sub-game cards which are self-explanatory and are divided into categories.

The categories are:
  • Ultimate Question - General knowledge questions.
  • Categories - For example, if someone chooses "make of car" as their category, the next person has to name a make of car. This continues until someone takes too long to answer.
  • Word Association - Someone says "apple", the next person must say a word that is associated with that word, like "juice".
  • Cough Up - Pay the going rate into the pot.
  • I Won't Pay - To be played when told to "Cough Up".
  • Make a Rule - The player can make a rule associated with the game.
  • All Rules Canceled - Self explanatory.
  • Get Out of Drink Free - Self explanatory.
  •  Right Back At Ya - Hold this card until someone wants to make you do something that you don't want to do. Play the card and they get to do what they wanted you to do.
  • Give A Drink - Self explanatory
  • Propose A Toast - Self explanatory.

This game probably sounds complicated, but trust us, it's not - It's a LOT of fun once you get into it and it doesn't take too long to play. One thing worth mentioning, though... This game was developed in the U.K., so if you're playing this in the USA, there are some terms that may have you doing a double-take. No worries, it's easy to figure out.

Includes: 4 shot glasses 1 die 56 challenge cards 1 gold card 1 set of instructions

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